Leftist Group Forces Underage Girls to Shout F-Bombs at President Trump

FCKH8 is back with another vile video exploiting children.

The extremist leftist organization known as FCKH8 is at it again, forcing young girls to help them push its pro-feminism agenda through the use of profanity. Just when it appears they can’t stoop any lower, the Left always proves us wrong.

For its new campaign, abhorrently titled “Pussy Scouts,” FCKH8 dresses the children up in pink Girl Scouts uniforms and pink knitted hats made popular at the Women’s March and forces them to “trash Trump” in an R-rated rap, as the Facebook post explains:

“Girl’s F-Bomb Rap Trashing Trump” features pussy hat-wearing scouts, ages 8 to 12, humorously trash-rapping against Trump and his sexist and racist ideals.

Humorously? Really?! There’s nothing funny about adults using 8-12 year olds in profane ways.

The video begins with an elderly “scout leader” dressed just like the girls asking the group, “Ready for your song about President Trump?” After an enthusiastic response, the child abuse begins (uncensored): 

Granny be droppin’ a beat that’s sick
We’re gonna rap about a prez who’s a sexist dick
You call women “fat pigs,” show no respect
Try to grab my pussy, ya gonna get wrecked

Cuttin’ Planned Parenthood, healthcare
An agenda more fucked than your fucked-up hair
You said of ladies, ya gotta “treat them like shit”
Accused rapist, sex assault culprit

And take away a woman’s abortion right
My bitch Liz Warren will take you down in a fight
Like Princess Leia choked out Jabba the Hutt
The Women’s March showed women’s mouths can’t be shut

Super callous fraudster racist sexist not my POTUS

Bullshit racist Muslim ban
You’re loved by nazis, and the Ka-Ka-ka-Klan
Walls stopping immigrants that you hate and berate
Is racist ignorance, Don’t make America great

Pussy Scouts! Sorry for the bad words
Psych! We’re future boss bitches
And we drop da mic

And this is what is considered “progressive:”

FCKH8 has targeted Trump before with foul-mouthed children. The group used Latino kids during the campaign to call Trump a “racist fuck” and a “dick.” And like the video above, the children used the middle finger for extra punch. Trump responded to that ad, stating simply, “Anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid, to be honest. I mean, they’re stupid people that would do an ad like that.”

Those same stupid people have used kids to shout F-bombs at the Confederate flag, Ferguson kids to tell white people they are racist, and its classic “F-bombs for Feminism: Potty-Mouthed Princesses Use Bad Word for Good Cause,” featuring the youngest ever — a 6-year-old screaming the F-word.

The Pussy Scouts video is not on the official FCKH8 channel at YouTube or Vimeo but is on its Facebook page, which is surprising in a day and age when adults are regularly kicked off these websites for exploiting children and where conservatives are yanked for “harassment” or “bullying.” But as we are all aware, leftists seem to get a pass on everything. It’s for a “good cause,” after all.