Left-wing Reporters Name Underreported News: Republican Evil

"That shows the importance of the midterms next year, [and] for these state legislatures, too."

On Face the Nation Monday -- as reported by Newsbusters -- host John Dickerson asked a collection of journalists if there were any stories they believed weren’t being adequately covered by the press. Citing topics ranging from voter suppression to abortion, the panel responded as if Dickerson had invited a gaggle of Democratic operatives into the discussion. Dickerson's question was open-ended:

“There’s a lot of things that were covered, but…I wondered if each of you have an idea — something that you’ve noticed that’s been happening that deserved more attention.”

For Bureau Chief Susan Page, the answer was easy: the GOP’s terrible opposition to abortion, manifested by the terroristic legislative victories it’s had. Page explained:

“Republican state legislators have managed to pass bans on abortion in some circumstances — just in the last six months, since the last election, in fives states, bans on abortion in certain circumstances; eleven states, major restrictions on abortion; in three states, new restrictions on funding for Planned Parenthood.”

The horror! Page went on to essentially call upon voters to rise up in the name of the Democratic party, in support of abortion:

“And that shows the importance of the midterms next year, not just for Congress, for these state legislatures, too.”

Jamelle Bouie, when given his turn, made an especially bizarre allegation. The chief political correspondent for Slate Magazine trotted out the mind-numbingly ridiculous assertion that Republicans had in fact made efforts to keep minorities from being able to vote:

“I think lost in these conversations about African-American voters is the very real fact that efforts at voter suppression are ongoing in the states. Efforts to sort of restrict access to the ballot.”

Huh? Bouie didn't give any evidence to support his claim, probably because there is none. He then implicated President Donald Trump, of course, and his cabinet in a fight against civil rights:

“And then, on the federal level, it is simply the case of President Trump’s cabinet members – Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been remarkably successful at turning the Justice Department’s mission away from its charge of defending the civil rights of Americans.”

Furthermore, Bouie theorized as to why this news wasn’t common knowledge:

“And I think that’s going completely under the radar in our sort of focus on whatever the President is saying on any given day.”

Riiight -- Donald Trump fighting against civil rights, and his party keeping black people from voting, would easily go unreported if he were only to say things daily and therefore keep everyone distracted from the outrageous evil. Or maybe it hasn’t been reported because it hasn’t happened

It's a sad state of affairs when a CBS roundtable of supposedly unbiased journalists can't be distinguished from a group of Democratic spokespeople. Such is the state of affairs with the mainstream media, who failed, in response to Dickerson's question, to mention the thing most of all underreported by the press: the truth.