Lebanese Designer Criticized For Dressing Israeli 'Wonder Woman'

"Is he really happy an Israeli actress wore a dress he designed?"

And some people wonder why there is no peace in the Middle East.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot sparked a bit of a social media uproar when she appeared at the National Board of Review Awards in a stunning blue dress. But it wasn't the revealing thigh-high slit or off-the-shoulder design that caused the stir -- it was the fact that the fashion designer is Lebanese.

Fox News reports that Gadot, former Israel Defense Forces badass and current star of the blockbuster Wonder Woman, was photographed at the New York event wearing an Elie Saab dress to the annual gala, from the designer’s “Read-to-Wear Spring Summer 2018” collection.

Lebanon and Israel, of course, are enemies. Lebanon has boycotted Israel as part of the Arab League Boycott of Israel since 1955. Lebanon even banned Wonder Woman last year because of its Israeli star.

Nonetheless, a pleased Saab posted a pic of Gadot in his dress on Instagram, with the caption, “A flawless @gal_gadot in ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2018 at the national board of review annual gala in New York."

Some less-than-pleased fans expressed their disgust with Saab for dressing an Israeli, according to Fox News.

Heba Bitar, a correspondent for Lebanese-based television channel Al Mayadeen, tweeted, “I love and respect Elie Saab, but is he really happy an Israeli actress wore a dress he designed?"

Another wrote: “I don’t have a problem with her wearing @ElieSaabWorld but I do have a problem with posting her picture from Elie Saab’s account and bragging about an ex Israeli soldier wearing his dress! Don’t ruin one the few things that make us proud Lebanese people! Elie Saab makes us proud.”

The designer deleted the pic, but that didn't satisfy everyone, either. “Elie Saab dresses #Zionist IDF soldier Gal Gadot, then posts about it, then deletes the post because people started to spit on him. @ElieSaabWorld Shameful,” one wrote in a since-deleted tweet posted by BBC.

Some, however, praised Saab's deletion of the Instagram photo:

“Good that he removed it because it’s shameful to advertise it. I hope he didn’t ask her to wear it but her stylist did,” one commented.

What's shameful is that the hatred directed toward Israel and its people is so all-consuming in the Arab world that a fashion designer is condemned when an Israeli wears his design.