Leaked Internal NYT Convos Spark Criticism, Ridicule

“This is what a millennial press looks like.”

An internal conversation among New York Times employees has been leaked, according to Fox News, and the culture of easily-triggered employees it reveals has sparked quite a bit of ridicule and criticism.

It all began when figure skater Mirai Nagasu, whose parents are Japanese immigrants to America, landed an historic triple axel at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The Times' "conservative" columnist Bari Weiss, quoting the Broadway hit Hamilton, tweeted, “Immigrants: They get the job done."

Innocuous enough, you might think. You would be wrong.

HuffPost reporter Ashley Feinberg managed to get hold of a Times internal Slack conversation which revealed not only that leftist staffers there were outraged by the microaggressive tweet, some because they didn't get the Hamilton reference and some because Nagasu is a citizen, but that "a significant number of Times staffers are angry and don’t enjoy working at the paper for a variety of reasons," Fox News notes.  

“I will no longer remain silent about our hostile work environment just so that it will be pleasant for others,” one employee wrote. “Frankly micro aggressions and people being obtuse cut the deepest … and this is DAILY.”

"The diversity efforts here are nothing but lip service,” one employee wrote. “Let’s hire more tokens we can put in their place!!!!!”

“I don’t know how it’s helpful if we are obsessed with poaching stars and nepotism,” another wrote.

A third wrote, “I think we are supposed to just read and weep for fear of reprisals such as being blacklisted for promotions or being targeted for the next round of buyouts/layoffs.”

People on both sides of the political aisle mocked the conversation on Twitter. Free Beacon reporter Alex Griswold said Weiss’ critics “come off as parodies of hypersensitive liberal journalists.” Bloomberg’s Eli Lake wrote that “pathetic is too kind a word.”

TheWrap’s Jon Levine said the paper’s employees “seem insufferable,” while Herald Sun reporter Rita Panahi called them “a pack of pitiful morons.”

One Twitterer offered up this burn: “This is what a millennial press looks like.” 

Fox News added that HuffPost's Feinberg contributed to the controversy, sending a race-baiting tweet mocking Weiss’ supporters: “Probably just a coincidence that everyone coming to bari weiss’s defense is white.”

This is the state of the leftist media today: back-biting, hypersensitive, openly biased, and racially obsessed. And the left wonders why Donald Trump got elected.