CNN Laments: Oscars Were 'So White,' 'So Male'

"There's still some catching up to do. A lot of it."

On CNN's Monday edition of New Day, host Brian Stelter and guest co-host Erica Hill lamented a terrifyingly heinous reality of Sunday's left-wing political rally disguised as the Academy Awards: the broadcast was "so male" and "so white."

To Stelter's horror, only 6 of the 39 winners were women. In Hill's view, it's a sad state of affairs that, in 2018, the country "must" still discuss "racial and gender parity." Stelter marveled:

"Erica, the most striking statistic for me...about last night was that 39 people were on stage accepting awards -- 39 winners of the Oscars. Only 6 of those winners were women. So, Hollywood has a long way to go in terms of gender equality, and it was very visible, very obvious last night."

So, according to Brian Stelter, Hollywood is still shamefully far away from voting solely according to sex. In Stelter's perfect world, apparently, an awards show would have nothing to do with choosing winners based on merit. Each member of the Academy would presumably look at the ballot and simply select women in half of the categories. That, in the mind of the radical 32-year-old anchor, would be fair. This is the new world of the Left -- bolstered by a generation raised on participation trophies, equality and fairness have a brand new meaning: accolades designated based on nothing to do with deserving them. 

HLN journalist Hill noted the need for awards granted not only based on sex, but on race as well:

"And I would say, not just gender equality, but for all of the uproar that we saw over 'Oscars so white,' they are trying. Right? And there was talk about that, with Frances McDormand saying we all need 'inclusion riders' -- we need to make sure there's more diversity both onscreen and behind the screen. And at the same time, not only was it 'Oscars so white;' we saw a lot of 'Oscars so male' last night, too. There's still some catching up to do. A lot of it."

Catching up to stupidity?

Stelter agreed:

"Exactly -- Hollywood talks the talk, doesn't always walk the walk."

Brian Stelter is correct: Hollywood is full of leftist hypocrites. They want the middle class to subsidize the poor, while they live in gated mansions; they tout gun control, surrounded by armed security; they preach against Donald Trump's alleged affairs, while comprising a hotbed of sexual predation. However, in this case, it is better that they do not "walk the walk" of idiocy. Movies are supposed to reflect the real world, rather than a by-the-numbers casting of a racial buffet. And awards are supposed to be given based on the best and the brightest, not the breasts and the blackest.

If Hollywood attains Stelter's and Hill's standard for justice, what purpose does an award have at all? For sexual equity, perhaps half of the trophies should just say "Winner -- For Having a Vagina." Yet -- in that case -- if men are granted half of the trophies, how do the voters determine which women should lose? Furthermore, who decides the precise dispersion of prizes according to race? Perhaps everyone should receive a trophy, or everyone should just stay home. We'd be fine with the latter.