Law Prof Parallels Trump with How Hitler Attacked Media to Rise to Power

“When Hitler first came to power, he was weak and he was mocked.”

In a new video for leftist outlet Mic, New York University law professor and distinguished fellow Thane Rosenbaum draws for himself “disturbing parallels” between how Adolf Hitler used the media in his rise to power and how Donald Trump appears to be doing the same.

Rosenbaum makes a connection between President Trump’s charges of “fake news” with how Hitler attacked his own unfriendly press with a similar phrase, “lügenpresse,” or “lying press.”

“When Hitler first came to power, he was weak and he was mocked,” Rosenbaum says in the video. “Germans were waiting for these publications with these mocking portrayals of Hitler, who was seen to look buffoonish and silly. So what he basically did was to deflect this criticism. He called them liars. He said that they were spreading lies about him.” 

Rosenbaum draws another parallel between the two leaders in their responses:

“So [Hitler] found a way to bypass many of those mainstream arbiters of news and culture, and he did so through rallies, he did so through radio, he did so by mobilizing support by his supporters.”

Strategically placed clips of Trump rallies are peppered throughout the video to bolster this idea. There is even a clip of two men at a Trump rally who actually say “lügenpresse.” (See?! Trump really is Hitler!)

Rosenbaum tries to solidify his authority on the matter:

“I have a background in knowing about Nazi Germany. My parents were Holocaust survivors. My mother was, at some point, in the Warsaw Ghetto and then was at Majdanek, and my father was in a number of different labor camps and a concentration camp.”

Though he states that he wants to be careful as not “to get involved in hyperbolic name-calling,” Rosenbaum can’t help waxing dramatic with a conclusion that predicts the downfall of our society into an “anti-democratic” nation if Trump is allowed to continue unhindered. He ends with a lament that we now live in a society where we are “unable to hear differences of opinion” while proving to us that he isn't willing to listen to Trump's opinions. Yet another case of do as I say, not as I do.

Watch here.