Knockout Game Resurfaces in Cincinnati

Oh yeah, it’s still happening, just not as newsworthy as Trump’s tweets.

It’s been awhile since a knockout game has been reported but one occurred this weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to Fox 19, a hardware store’s surveillance camera recorded a man getting sucker-punched in the middle of the day on a sidewalk in Price Hill. The victim, William Griffith, 54, said he was walking home from his job cleaning elderly people’s homes when he was approached by a black man he didn’t know and punched.

“I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it,” Griffith said. “For no reason.”

Griffith said he was nearly knocked out and suffered a black eye, fractured jaw, and a scraped forehead from hitting the pavement. 

“This generation, I don’t know,” Griffith said. “I’m old school… I don’t know their motives.”

On Wednesday, police arrested 29-year-old Keith Capell and charged him with felony assault with a $260,000 bond. WCPO reports:

Police say Capell was walking on Warsaw Avenue in East Price Hill on Saturday afternoon when he punched another man in the head and continued walking. The man who was punched suffered fractured facial bones, according to the complaint.

"It appears that he blindside punched the victim and the person went down," Cincinnati Police Lt. Steve Saunders said. "District 3 Police responded and did not know it was an assault. They thought it was some kind of medical emergency."

The suspect’s attorney said Griffith “threatened [Capell] with a knife” but the prosecutor denied the allegation.

At the time of his arrest, Capell was carrying small bags of heroin.

(Capell's mugshot)