'This is for Malcolm X, Cracka': Second Anti-White Attack in Brooklyn in One Week

Ah, yes, the knockout game has not gone away.

The New York Daily News is reporting on two separate anti-white attacks in Brooklyn that happened in the last week. Police are searching for a black male who was captured on security camera and are hoping to determine if the incidents are linked.

A 44-year-old man, Randy Aveille, told police that he was sucker-punched when he and his fiancée exited a train car in a subway station. The assailant yelled, "Cracka, you don't belong here!" before running off.

Within the week, a 51-year-old man described a similar attack. He was unsuspectingly knocked to the ground when a black man approached him on the street and shouted, "This is for Malcolm X, cracka!"

No serious injuries, other than black eyes, were reported. Police released an image of the man in the subway attack and hope to determine if he is involved in both crimes.

It may not be as newsworthy as it once was, but the knockout game against whites continues.