ABC Baits Teens to Bash NRA, Rubio; Relegates Gun Supporters to 'Nightline'

"[It's] pretty clear that he’s not going to walk away from the NRA."

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass murders on February 14th -- which killed 17 students and faculty members -- continue to grant the major left-wing networks a catalyst toward their political goals.

On Thursday, ABC's Good Morning America persisted with its propaganda push via spotlighting "impressive" and "passionate" Parkland, Florida teenaged gun control activists, who participated in a White House listening session with President Trump yesterday and who called Republican Senator Marco Rubio a "murderer" at CNN's anti-gun town hall last night.

Host George Stephanopoulos welcomed two students who visited the White House, and one teen from the town hall meeting, leading them on a bash session against the NRA, Trump, and Rubio, for not caving to their emotional anti-2nd Amendment demands.

The program only granted 40 seconds to gun rights proponents -- as a promo -- with Stephanopoulos revealing that, if viewers stayed up 'til 12:35 am EST, they would get the "other side" of the debate.

During the February 22nd GMA broadcast, there was nothing to be found but anti-gun sentiment, baited by Stephanopolous.

The left-wing host asked Julia Cordoff, who was present at the White House session, if she believed Trump actually "heard" her:

“Do you think he heard what you all were saying? What was your response to all that?"

Cordoff did believe Trump was listening, but she blamed the National Rifle Association for its lack of "understanding."

In an attempt to get Ryan Deitsch -- who participated in the town hall event -- to slam Marco Rubio, Stephanopoulos warned:

"[It's] pretty clear that he’s not going to walk away from the NRA."

Dietsch scorned Rubio for "dancing around the question," and denigrated him for "continuing to take money from an organization that has been known to help in the aiding of killing innocent lives." This accusation may have been in response to the recent fake news story claiming that the NRA donated $10,000 to "training" Parkland murderer Nikolas Cruz. Rather than challenging Dietsch's statement, Stephanopoulos kept leading the students to further anti-gun comments, eerily telling student Sam Zeif:

“Sam, you know, the NRA is one powerful organization.” 

Referencing Australia's gun confiscation program, which the Left always brings up, he continued:

"How do you respond to those who say that just can't happen here in the United States?”

"I don't see get how they could be so blind," Zeif marveled.

A much greater marvel is that ABC doesn't want to have an open dialogue about possible ways to stop mass shootings. Rather, they merely want to push their leftist, anti-gun message.