Kerry: Travel Ban Is 'Worst Thing We Can Do,' Terrorists Just Lack 'Opportunities'

Here we go again.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry proved again on Sunday why we should all be very grateful he no longer spearheads our international diplomatic efforts. 

During an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press, Kerry discussed the recent terror attack in London, saying the "worst thing we can do" is implement President Trump's temporary travel ban. 

"What we really need to do is focus more, I believe, not on a travel ban... it's the worst thing we can do," Kerry began.

"But we do need to do, and we do, extraordinary screening, but a great deal more effort has to go into the building of community, the reaching out and working with these entities, with these sectors of society so that there is not as significant a gap as there is in many parts of the world. The bottom line is, that in too many places in too many parts of the world, you've got a large gap between governance and people, and between the opportunities those people have."

"This is the same problem of people living in isolation and not feeling as if they have a sufficient stake in society in their world that life is worth living."

Ah, that old chestnut again: terrorists are just ordinary folk (or, "climate refugees") trying to catch a break and gain access to a minivan, summer cook-outs, and trips to the amusement park with the kids (remember that one?) If they had that, well, that genocidal bloodlust would just, disappear.