Kerry on 2016 Presidential Bid: 'Never Say Never'

Secretary of State John Kerry would not rule out a presidential run in 2016 when asked by Chuck Todd of NBC News during an interview for Meet the Press.  

Todd: "Is there any scenario that you would run for president in 2016?"  

Kerry:  "I have no scenario whatsoever in my mind. I haven't thought about it. As you can tell, I'm pretty busy."

Todd : (laughs)  "I know. Is it a never say never?

Kerry:  "Well, nobody says never. But I'm not -- never -- I have no concept of it."

With Hillary Clinton (67) and Joe Biden (72) presumed to be candidates for the Democratic Party's nomination, plus a new push for Senators Elizabeth Warren (65) and Bernie Sanders (73)  and adding Kerry (71) to the mix, the Democrats field of contenders would have an average age of 71 in 2016.