Just Like the Dyke March, SlutWalk Bans ‘Zionist Displays

Maybe Jews don't want to be associated with these people anyway?

In June, TruthRevolt reported how an LGBTQ group called the Chicago Dyke Collective kicked three Jewish participants from its "Dyke March" for carrying rainbow flags emblazoned with the Star of David. The flags, they claimed, made other participants feel "unsafe." (Yeah, other anti-Semitic participants.) Looks like other radical leftists are following suit.

The Algemeiner reports that SlutWalk Chicago — which claims to “fight rape culture, victim blaming, and slut shaming" — is sticking with their sisters over at the Dyke March and banning "Zionist displays."

“We still stand behind Dyke March Chicago’s decision to remove the Zionist contingent from their event, & we won’t allow Zionist displays at ours,” the organizers tweeted last Sunday — beginning several days of exchanges with other users over the policy. These were distinguished by the organizers’ continued insistence that anti-Zionism is a legitimate progressive belief, and that any linkage with antisemitism should be dismissed as a discrediting tactic.

It isn't a discrediting tactic, it is actually discrediting.... because it's anti-Semitic. The SlutWalk is so named because the lefties are trying to "take back the word" and to make the point that women are never "asking for it." But Twitter user Patrick Arnold said, "I think the 'Slut Walk' was so named because 'All inclusive walk minus those who disagree with leftist platform' doesn't fit well on banners."

Indeed. But you really need to see their official account's tweet to really appreciate the hypocrisy on display:

 Um... They're fighting discrimination?  Well, they've come to the right place!

By David Shankbone (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons