Hollywood (and Beyond) Harassment: February 6

Updates and Quick Takes

When will it end?

Uma Thurman's Experience

Remember this?

Actress Uma Thurman has finally explained all. It's really something. 

Actress Jessica Chastain is upset with Thurman's revelations about director Quentin Tarantino:

Former porn star Jenna Jameson, whose tweets often display a strong conservative streak, is unhappy with Jessica Chastain:

Actress Diane Kruger is defending Tarantino, for what it's worth. 

USA Gymnastics

Disgraced USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar has been sentenced to another 40-125 years in prison. This sentence comes from Eaton County, Michigan and is in addition to the sentence of 40-175 years sentenced by Ingham County, both for sexual misconduct, and 60 years in federal court for possession of child pornography. 

Quick Takes

Sleep No More is an "immersive" theatre adaptation of MacBeth in which the audience members are invited to wear a white mask for the duration of the performance and you walk through a dimly lit (or dark) building, separated from the people with whom you arrived. Buzzfeed has confirmed 17 incidents of groping or sexual misconduct by audience members perpetrated on performers or employees during the show. 

Thanks to #MeToo, men are now afraid to mentor women. Sounds about right. 

An art gallery has taken down a painting of naked nymphs to prompt conversations. 

Did #MeToo make a difference in Oscar nominations?