Judge Helps Criminal Alien Escape, Slips Him Through Private Door

Many are asking, “sanctuary courtrooms?”

Fox News is reporting that Oregon Judge Monica Herranz helped convicted illegal alien Diddier Pacheco Salazar escape from ICE agents by slipping him through a private door in her chambers.

Salazar was in court facing a drunk driving charge and ICE was waiting in the hallway to deport him. A courtroom staffer tipped the judge to take action. Some are wondering if Judge Herranz is running a “sanctuary courtroom” as she is “inappropriately delegitimizing the work of ICE agents."

On Risk and Reward on Fox Business, commentator Mark Steyn, who is Canadian-American, said, “This is no surprise,” and stated some judges are known for doing this. 

He also recounted a story where he was approached in some woods near his New Hampshire home by an immigration agent and discovered he was mistakenly carrying his daughter’s green card. Steyn said the agent threatened to go to his daughter’s school and take further action. 

Steyn said legal immigrants are often “terrorized by the bureaucracy,” while illegal aliens get a pass. In fact, he added, the federal government generally “turns a blind eye until you kill Kate Steinle.”

Watch below: