Melania Reads to Sick Kids, the Left Hates Her For It

Wow, this is a new low even for the Left.

What’s worse than first lady Melania Trump? Nothing, if you’re a leftist. She can’t even read to sick kids at a children’s hospital without the vitriol flowing.

Mrs. Trump’s first official solo outing as first lady was at the pediatric wing of New York-Presbyterian Hospital to read a Dr. Seuss book to children. She read her and Barron’s favorite, Oh, the Places You’ll Go. And there was nothing but complaints about it from the Left.

The usual suspect, Slate, mocked the entire ordeal and said Trump looked uncomfortable and like a miserable wife, trapped in an awful marriage. The outlet even pointed to the press pool report, saying it “diced the first lady into raw, quivering pieces” and showed “restrained contempt” and “unbearable awkwardness.”

And then there is the general loathing found across the web. Here is a sampling across Facebook and Twitter. The “tolerance” is astounding:

“Please don't do this again. She doesn’t show the pictures in the book & you can barely understand her. It's so hilariously sad!”

“She sucks at this! She should try reading in her native Transylvanian. Because she's effing up dr. Seuss! How are you going to read a picture book and not show anybody the pictures? How you gonna depress sick kids? Bring Back Michelle!!”

“OMG THIS IS MISERABLE! Like these kids need more pain.”

“y'all too much. Why does she read a children's book like its a foreign language? Oh yeah she ain't American...lmao”

“Well...somebody got a stylist, a new designer outfit, a make up artist, an armored limousine and bothered secret service and body guards (courtesy of the tax payers) and left her golden cage aka Trump tower for an hour to bore these kids to death to play 'First Lady'... money well spent (sarc).... or that wasted money could have helped some of these kids with their treatment or paid for their college education... no connection, no credibility…”


Yeah, she sounds like a terrible person:

Closing argument goes to: