Joy Behar: Trump Voters Hate Poor Kids Getting Things For Free

Wrong again, Joy. Wrong again.

De facto leader of the cackling horde known as The View, Joy Behar shared her deep insights Monday while discussing former First Lady Michelle Obama's remarks about the Trump administration's cuts to her "healthy" school lunch initiative.

Behar's conclusion? Trump voters hate poor kids and are "resentful of any poor child getting something for free."

"I just want to say, there is a certain segment of the society that’s resentful of any poor child getting something for free," she piped in. 

"Those people need to look in the mirror. There are certain people in this country. They know who they are. A lot of them voted for Trump. And there is resentment involved there."

Yes, that's it Joy. Along with pushing granny over the side of a cliff, the deplorables would love nothing more than to see poor children starve to death, or better still, gorge themselves on trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup so they'll succumb to an early death. 

How The View maintains roughly 2.7 million viewers and Behar secures the type of salary she does is frightfully telling about the society in which we live.