Joy Behar on ‘Important’ Comedians: ‘We’re on the Right Side of Things’

No one should be attacking Kimmel!

Comedienne-turned-day-time-talker Joy Behar proclaimed on Monday’s The View that comedians are off-limits right now because what they have to say about politics and culture is very important.

In her opinion, Jimmy Kimmel is “being brave” for telling viewers not to tune in if they don’t like his crying monologues about gun control and socialized medicine. 

“I mean, he’s grown up a lot,” Behar said to applause.

She goes on to argue that Kimmel’s ratings are up because he “speaks for the majority of Americans” who want gun control and comprehensive health care, though she cited no sources to back up that claim. Co-host Meghan McCain said it’s funny that Democrats aren’t listening to their leaders like Nancy Pelosi but are, instead, listening to a late-night talk show host. However, Behar doesn’t believe Kimmel is just speaking to Democrats and reiterated — with a straight face — that he is speaking for most of us.

Here is the reason behind Behar's defense:

“Don’t you think that the situation right now with Donald Trump in the White House is a dire situation? It’s so urgent that people can’t leave it alone and worry about having fun so much. We’re in trouble!”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said she would like to have an escape from all the talk about the “clown” in the White House. 

But then there’s the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal. Goldberg feels like comedians are in a catch-22 with that as a topic and isn’t sure that jokes are appropriate. Co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in:

“Last week, everyone was saying, you know, the late-night hosts didn’t mention the Weinstein scandal, but, you know, they were always making jokes about Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. 'SNL' took a hit for not saying anything. Now you have 'SNL' doing something. You have James Corden doing something, and now it’s, ‘Oh, it’s in poor taste, it’s too soon.’”

“Why?” Behar interrupted. “Rose McGowan [one of Weinstein's victims] particularly singled out Corden. I really don’t think that it’s appropriate to attack comedians. I mean, we’re on the right side of things.” She continued:

“Also, the comedians are there to say the emperor has no clothes. We’re important people right now. So, I don’t know why attack comedians. And yet, what you just said is interesting. She only went after Corden. Kimmel made a joke. Oliver made a joke, 'SNL,' we all do that… why him?”

Yes, Behar is perfectly fine with jokes as long as it serves her political agenda.

Watch the segments below: