Joy Behar Forced to Eat Crow for Crowing About Fake News

"I was guilty of premature evaluation. I hear they have a pill for that.” Too bad they don't have one for hateful bias.

On Friday’s broadcast of the brain-numbing leftist cacklefest known as The View, purported comedienne Joy Behar interrupted the show with "breaking news," an ABC News' exclusive from reporter Brian Ross that stated, “Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the Mueller team and is prepared to testify that, as a candidate, Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians.” Behar was ecstatic, as were the leftist sheep in the audience who rocked the house with applause.

Turns out that breaking news was fake news. Fox News reports that ABC News was forced to issue a correction and suspend Ross for four weeks without pay, because the alleged directive came after Trump had been elected president, not when he was a candidate. Oopsy.

On Monday's episode, Behar tried to laugh off the fact that she leaped at the opportunity to spread fake news because it supported her Trump-hating agenda.

“On Friday’s show, apparently I was guilty of premature evaluation. I hear they have a pill for that,” she said. Ha ha. Hilarious.

Then Behar went on to try to spin Ross's biased "journalism" as just a mistake:

“People are slamming this as fake news," said Behar. I think it’s a mistake.” Of course you do. Only Fox News is fake news to you.

“I will say that fake news and what we did on Friday, that’s what I was being accused of being a part of. I don’t want to sit on a show where I feel like we’re giving fake news or acting irresponsibly.” said Meghan McCain, the show's lone "conservative" co-host.

The show's co-hosts, including Behar, McCain, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, all agreed that Ross’s suspension was justified but merely an error.

“He clearly made a mistake, he’s paying the consequences for that mistake, and I think it’s a good standard,” Navarro said. “Now, it’s the same standard I’d like to hold the president of the United States to.”

Oh, you want the President held to a standard? Because none of you did during the eight years of Barack Obama's tenure.