Jon Stewart Goes Full Apologist On Benghazi

"Bullet Points Over Benghazi"

Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show officially became a certified Obama apologist on his program Monday night by using former President George W. Bush as a scapegoat to excuse the Obama administration of lying to the American people after their embassy had been attacked on September 11, 2012.

In a segment titled, "Bullet Points Over Benghazi," Stewart employed the always trustworthy "Bush lied, kids died" adage to paint as hypocrites those outraged over President Obama blaming a Youtube video on a deadly terrorist attack because they weren't outraged when Bush lied to pull us into Iraq.

All the cliched talking points made their cameos: Bush deliberately ignored warnings of an attack on the World Trade Center, Bush lied to get us into Iraq, Bush artificially raised the nation's terrorist threat level to help his 2004 election chances, Bush planted false stories in The New York Times about Sadaam Hussein obtaining nuclear materials, and so on and so forth.

After all the smoke and mirrors, Stewart fails to answer one simple question: Did President Obama lie to the American people and should he be held accountable?