John Conyers’ Son Arrested This Year for Domestic Abuse

That definitely sounds like the Conyers “legacy.”

John Conyers stepped down from his long-held House seat this week at 88 years old embroiled in accusations that he was a serial sexual harasser. To carry on the family “legacy” and to fill his empty seat, Conyers endorsed his son, John Conyers III. 

As TruthRevolt reported on Tuesday, the younger Conyers, 27, was once an aspiring rapper who like to call his dad “a fucking player and reckless as hell.” But NBC News obtained documents which show he was also arrested earlier this year, but not prosecuted, for domestic abuse of his girlfriend:

Conyers III, 27, was arrested on Feb. 15 at a Los Angeles residence on suspicion of violence against his girlfriend after the alleged victim called police…

The girlfriend said that Conyers III suspected her of cheating after he went through her computer. She told police that he "body slammed her on the bed and then on the floor where he pinned her down and spit on her," the report says.

She said when she tried to call police, he took her phone and then chased her into the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife and told him to leave. By her account, he took the knife and swung it at her, cutting her arm.

Both of them called 911 to complain about the other. Conyers III said the girlfriend had been using booze and pot, tried to throw him out the residence, and then got into a pushing and shoving match with him. He said she threatened him with the knife and was cut in a struggle for it.

Conyers III was taken into custody and released in lieu of $50,000 bond the same day, police said.

After representing Democrats in Detroit for 50 years, Conyers, a civil rights icon, said, ”I want you to know that my legacy will continue through my children. I have a great family here and especially in my oldest boy, John Conyers III, who, incidentally, I endorse to replace me in my seat in Congress.” 

Apparently, the Conyers family is happy with a “legacy” that includes domestic abuse arrests, lewd conduct with women-not-their-wives, and a matriarch, Monica Conyers, who served three years for taking bribes as a councilwoman. This is just what Washington needs: more corruption.