Joe Scarborough Plays One of His Own Songs Over Montage of Women’s March

“Once in your life, you may get the chance to stand against a column of tanks.”

On his program Morning Joe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough shamelessly self-promoted one of his own songs by using it as the music bed over a montage of video from the leftist Women’s March. No, he did not do a similar thing for the conservative March for Life. 

His acoustic guitar-strumming protest ballad interweaves between audio quotes from the marchers saying things like, “What this president is doing is just so wrong,” “We cannot have somebody like this in the White House,” and “Resist the racism."

Here’s a taste of Scarborough’s juvenile lyrics:

Once in your life 
You may get the chance to stand against a column of tanks 
Holding up your hand 
And once in your life 
You may get the chance to say 
Words like deep within your heart 
That change the outcome of the day 
Once in your life 
You may dare hold out your hand
To a stranger in me
Whose world you cannot understand
And how the world turns violently
We’re battered by the savagery
But we will not break, not on bended knees
We will not go down quietly

The video ends with a close-up on an “Impeach Trump” sign in case anyone still thought the Women’s March was about anything other than Trump hatred. (Watch over at Grabien News.)

To help you through this cringeworthy Scarborough moment, here’s one from him that will make you laugh. On his show, Scarborough claimed he isn’t a Democrat but added, “God knows I’m sounding more like one every morning.” Sure, he was a Republican congressman in Florida back in the day, but when you’re aligning your own protest song with the single most Democrat march of the year, while ignoring the March for Life — we’re sorry, Joe, you’re a Dem. Oh, and a partisan hack. Don’t forget that.