J.K. Rowling Calls Out Liberal Men For ‘Crude and Humiliating’ Behavior

Eagerly awaiting her condemnation of the libs who attacked Sarah Palin.

Best-selling author JK Rowling, who created the amazingly successful Harry Potter series, has had it with some liberal men.

She went even further to say that it didn't matter which politician was being criticized:

But what the way liberal men treated Sarah Palin? Rarely in politics has a woman ever been treated more poorly that the former Governor of Alaska, and liberals were completely mum on the abuse liberal men heaped on her. Bristol Palin Meyer agrees. Though she applauded the author for calling out the men of Rowling's own political persuasion, she added that it would be nice if Rowling would defend her mother. "I saw it first hand, and I agree," Meyer said. "But it’s time that liberals to have a collective repentance for their treatment of my mom. If liberals are really against sexism, they need to say so. It’s time."

In an era when the Democratic party in America is still led by its patriarch Bill Clinton -- who's been credibly accused of rape and other horrors -- Democratic women need to come together and denounce the way some men treat some conservative women. Democrats can no longer lay claim to feminism while letting these men get away with their misogynistic tendencies.

Nothing better exemplifies this tension than this Twitter exchange:

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