Jimmy Kimmel’s Tears Mocked by Street Artist, He Responds with Middle Finger

And the posters were put up near the celebrity's home.

Over the last few weeks, late-night talker Jimmy Kimmel has shed many tears during his opening monologues whether he’s talking about socialized health care or mass shootings. And that has conservative L.A. street artist Sabo wondering if Kimmel is suffering hormonally. 

On Thursday in West Hollywood near the celebrity’s home, posters appeared on bus benches and sign posts of Kimmel wiping a tear from his eye with a suggested renaming of his show: The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour. Mock movie posters for the ‘90s film Cry-Baby replaced Johnny Depp’s mug with Kimmel’s crying face.

Sabo posted some of his work to his Twitter account:




Here’s video of Sabo sitting on a park bench and looking toward Kimmel’s mansion up in the hills:

Later in the day, The Hollywood Reporter received a picture and a message from Kimmel who had finally seen the street art, showing exactly how he felt about it:

His message read:

I encourage all fellow cry babies to support Everytown for Gun Safety — everytown.org.

In kind, Sabo responded: