Jimmy Fallon Nails Bernie Sanders Impression

Larry David, take notes...

Late-night comedian Jimmy Fallon added another spot-on impersonation routine to his already impressive repertoire of spot-on impersonation routines. This time, the SNL alum took on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and it's a gem to watch. 

Airing Wednesday night, Fallon re-enacted Sanders' victory speech after winning the New Hampshire primary, lampooning the 74-year-old Senator's many quirks, including his hand gestures and vocal inflections.

Minus a brief, albeit fair, quip about Marco Rubio's gaffe from last weekend's debate, the act steered relatively clear of politics and served as a friendly reminder that political comedy doesn't always need to descend into the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert variety. 

Jimmy Fallon has also done several spot-on Donald Trump impressions, with the funniest being one where The Donald, playing himself, interviewed Jimmy Fallon's impression of him in the mirror. 

Larry David, take notes...