Jim Acosta Spreads Fake News, Tries to Correct It Unobserved

"'More' is an odd way to spell 'correction.'"

Embattled, anti-Trump CNN reporter Jim Acosta went and contradicted his own previous reporting on Andrew McCabe Monday.

Reports came out across various news organizations that FBI deputy director McCabe was stepping down from his position, months ahead of his planned exit.

Initially, Acosta tweeted that McCabe had vacated his post due to animosity toward the Trump White House:

“Source familiar with McCabe matter describes his departure as a ‘mutual’ decision. He was tired of being ‘undermined’ but Trump and WH was ‘not happy’ with him.”

However, half an hour later, Acosta posted an opposite contention -- McCabe was being "pushed out." The White House correspondent insinuated that he was merely reporting additionally on the matter:

“More…Source telling us FBI Director Wray told McCabe he was bringing on a new team and that he was not part of it. Writing was on the all [sic],” he wrote. “All points to McCabe essentially being pushed out.”

Uhhh...that isn't additional reporting; it's a correction, necessary due to poorly sourcing your facts.

Jim Acosta's hatred for Trump is apparent by the run-ins he's had with the President while asking inexcusable questions during press opportunities and by comments he has made elsewhere. His seemingly uncontrolled behavior is an embarrassment to CNN (and that's really saying something), as is his apparent inability to wait until he has his facts straight before tweeting fake news and his refusal to admit that he had to correct his amateur mistake.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold tweeted a sly response:

"'More' is an odd way to spell 'correction.'"