Another One Bites the Dust: CNN Cans Pro-Trump Ed Martin

"CNN terminated me today for cause. Strange since they told me my ratings were great."

CNN isn't known for its political balance. Still, the scales just tilted even further to the left: the news network has dumped its pro-Trump political analyst, Ed Martin. 

Martin replaced Jeffrey Lord four months ago, as the channel's Republican voice for Trump. Lord was fired in August for tweeting a Nazi salute to the president of the ultra-left Media Matters.

Speaking to the The Hollywood Reporter upon Martin's hiring, Lord said the Missouri politician was a "smart guy" who would "go against the grain" in on-air discussion. Lord also predicted:

"After a while, it will add up and there will surely be those pushing to get rid of him."

On Thursday, Martin said in an email to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"CNN terminated me today for cause. Strange since they told me my ratings were great."

Martin hadn't appeared on the left-wing network since the middle of December, when, perhaps not coincidentally, he made statements during his radio show aimed at fellow CNN panelists. The topic was Alabama GOP hopeful Roy Moore's defeat, and Martin referred to the unnamed parties as "racists" and "black racists." Considering the previous night's guests, it seems likely those were Ana Navarro and Symone Sanders.

Navarro was apparently happy to hear of Martin's termination, posting this to Twitter:

As for the plight of a CNN pro-Trumper, the Post-Dispatch previously explained Martin's disposition:

"The happy warrior as always, Martin seems to relish getting snarled at by CNN stars like Cooper and Don Lemon and political luminaries who inhabit their shows. He tends to smile politely during verbal barrages on set, often coming from all directions...Smiling through the political warfare, he says, has allowed him to stay on friendly terms with some of his tougher on-air critics. Cooper, who sometimes gets in Martin’s face during the show, is quiet and polite when the cameras are off, Martin says. Lemon, who once told Martin on air, 'There’s no way on Earth you can believe 80 percent of the things you defend,' is engaging and funny backstage, according to Martin. Even former Clintonite Begala is 'a very agreeable guy' once the smoke clears."

Perhaps Ed Martin's comfort with facing political adversaries didn't suit the network. Regardless, CNN continues to ensure the endorsement of leftist politics remains the focus of the so-called news organization.