Jesse Ventura: If Trump Builds Wall, ‘Take Down Statue of Liberty’

“The whole statue is bullsh*t now.”

Jesse Ventura, the former “Body” and ex-governor of Minnesota, is back to his asinine talking points once again. This time, he’s weighing in on immigration and suggesting that with Donald Trump in office, the Statue of Liberty has been rendered meaningless.

At the Nexus Conference in Aspen, Colorado this weekend, Ventura spoke a lot about the cleanup after the devastating hurricanes, and opening up our borders to get it done.

“Who’s going to do this cleanup?” he asked. “The white people?”

“I think we should open our borders and bring the Mexicans up,” he added. “We’ve got a lot of work for them, cleaning up Houston and cleaning up Florida.”

Ventura said a recent storm in Minnesota damaged roofs and he noted how he heard “Mexican music” blaring near his golf course as immigrants patched up the holes.

He told the audience, “So, think of that, people, when you want to stop these immigrants from coming to our country. Who’s going to do that work? You?”

“These are hardworking people. We want them,” he added.

After the obligatory “we’re all immigrants anyway,” Ventura opined that if immigrants are blocked form entering the U.S., then the Statue of Liberty is worthless:

“And if they want to put this wall up, I’ll tell you what they need to do – take down the Statue of Liberty, take it down, take it down. Why have a statue that is meaningless? That statue says send us your poor, send us your this, send us your that.”

Yeah, it says something like that.

“Did you see the latest?” he continued. “‘No, we only want college educated; you’ve got to have a job, you’ve got to be on the uppity up.’ So what do we need the Statue of Liberty for? The whole statue is bullshit now if you want to look at it like that. Excuse my French.”

We liked it better when Ventura said stupid things in movies:


And as a reminder, it was just two years ago when Ventura said he would seriously consider joining a Trump ticket. It was back during a time the former WWF wrestler was complimentary of the current president.

"This country needs to be shaken up. It needs to be shaken to its very core, and Donald Trump is doing that,” Ventura said at the time.

He also offered some advise to The Donald if he were going to run: “Don't you dare back down, cause if you back down now, you're finished. They tell you defense wins Super Bowls, but that's not presidential. Offense can win the presidency… I see Donald Trump … speaking from the heart, speaking with no notes and just telling people what you feel and the truth, and if you do that, you have a damn good chance to win."

My, how things have changed.

Photo credit: Greg2600 via / CC BY-ND

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