Jedidiah Bila’s Sudden Exit from ‘The View’ Five Days After Clinton Interview

Another victim of the Clintons?

ABC’s The View is losing it’s only semi-conservative voice of the all-female panel. On Monday, libertarian host Jedediah Bila announced it was her last day on the show, shocking the studio audience.

Bila explained that she is in the middle of writing a new book and was moving on to dedicate more time to that and other projects. She insisted that she will remain friends with the other panelists. Her co-hosts made sure to tell her that though they rarely agreed with her point of view — the only one of its kind on the show — they also considered Bila a friend.

However, according to Page Six, some are wondering if Bila’s sudden exit has something to do with her questions for Hillary Clinton when the failed candidate was on the show promoting her book five days ago. Bila said Clinton was “tone deaf” and perhaps asked questions that were too tough, such as: “To be fair, it hasn’t just been Republicans who have taken issue with the writing of this book. Some Democrats have come out as well. Former campaign surrogates of yours, former fundraisers and said, ‘This book puts us in the past and we wanna move forward, we wanna figure out where to take this party, how to succeed in the future. And this places us in the past.’ How do you respond to Democrats also coming out in criticism of you writing this?”

A source told Page Six:

“There was a lot of staff who were upset about how that interview was handled,” says the source, speculating that “The View” wants the former secretary of state to appear on the show multiple times. “They had a lot to say to Jedediah about calming things down.”

We’re told that Bila was signed on for the full season but “she left on her own accord,” the source adds. “There were some things making her uncomfortable behind the scenes, but she loves the cast. She seems to be looking forward to sharing her view in a world where there seems to be only one worldview.”

Bila’s reps declined to comment, but senior producers for The View said, “Jed asked good questions during that interview, and the producers were really pleased with how she handled it.” However, the Clintons are no strangers to leaving a trail of destruction everywhere they go.

It is being reported that Sen. John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, may take Bila’s chair.