Jane Fonda Confirms She Still Hates America

But she’s proud of the anti-Trump resistance!

Actress Jane Fonda, who has been dubbed Hanoi Jane ever since her traitorous comments against America during the Vietnam war, confirmed her ire for the United States in a recent interview on the BBC.

After covering several topics surrounding her life and career, Fonda was asked by Stephen Sackur, host of HARDTalk, if she was ultimately proud of her country. His question was answered with an immediate, “No,” and then the leftist activist explained what she is proud of:

“I’m proud of the resistance. I'm proud of the people who are turning out in unprecedented numbers and continue over and over and over again to protest what Trump is doing. I’m very proud of that core."

Sackur then asked what Fonda felt about the NFL protests and asked how she would act in a similar circumstance:

"I would take a knee. I would take two knees. I’d get on all fours if necessary to get attention. And Trump is manipulating it to make it to have something to do with the military. It has nothing to do with patriotism, it has nothing to do with the military, it has to do with racism that is so alive and well in the United States.” 

Sackur had the guts to push back, saying, “But so many of those Americans you say you want to reach out to, listening to your answer just now, would say, ‘Huh, Jane Fonda, she is still betraying our nation, disrespecting our flag and our military. She hasn’t changed. She’s still that Hanoi Jane.’”

Fonda meandered through a reply which can basically be summed up as, “I don’t care.”

And what of her time protesting the Vietnam War? Fonda was asked if she has any regrets, including that infamous photo of her sitting on the enemy's anti-aircraft weapon, to which she replied:

“So I’m proud that I went, it changed my life all for the good… [but after that photo]… as I walked away, I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s going to look like I am against my own country's soldiers and siding with the enemy,’ which is the last thing in the world that is true. I had spent years working with the veterans and the soldiers and then I made coming home in order to try to show what these men were dealing with when they came home, but the image was there.”

However, Fonda claims that “to this day” she still gets letters from veterans who say they’ve forgiven her and have come to finally realize her point of view.

“It makes me so happy,” she said.

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