Migrant Gangs Turn Cologne Inner City into ‘No-Go Zone’

“Police have given up on Ebertplatz area,” Mayor admits.

Migrant gangs have turned Cologne’s inner city into a no-go zone, German media reports suggest. “A No-go zone in the heart of Cologne,” reports the leading German newspaper Die Welt. “Police have given up on Ebertplatz area,” the District Mayor Andreas Hupke told reporters.

The Local newspaper Express described the gangsters and drug dealers controlling the Ebertplatz area located in the middle of the city:

Young men from North and Sub-Sahara Africa are dealing drugs in the area. The regular police operations have failed to change anything. According to the authorities, many drug dealers come from the refugee housings from the surrounding areas. [Translation by the author]

“It is time to put an end to the no-go areas in Germany,” demanded Jörg Meuthen, the national spokesman of the right-wing AfD party.

“Ebertplatz is degenerating into a lawless area in the middle of Cologne city,” admits the local Express newspaper. In a separate report the newspaper writes:

After a fatal knife attack [in Ebertplatz], the residents and politicians are calling for action. The following incident shows how volatile the situation has become.

Sony Pictures experienced the problem first-hand. During the shooting of the ZDF television series “Heldt” with Kai Schumann and Janine Kunze in the lead roles, it came to blows with drug dealers and addicts. The production company had to cancel the shooting due to security reasons.

Carina Hackemann, Sony’s executive producers for the series in Cologne told EXPRESS that (…) the crew didn’t feel comfortable due to the aggressive atmosphere. During the shooting some extras had to play the role of “easy girls” on the set. “It was clear that it would turn ugly. And the young girls were especially scared,” said Hackermann. Loud screams and serious threats disrupted the set in such a way that the manager decided to pull the plug on the shooting. [Translation by the author]

Since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country’s border to mass migration, the law enforcement in Cologne has been struggling to protect the people in the city. Almost all the migrant criminals who raped, assaulted and robbed more than 1200 women on the New Year’s Eve of 2015 have managed to walk free without any legal consequences. Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, Ralf Jaeger, himself confirmed that "most of the cases [of rape and sexual assault in Cologne] will remain unsolved."

Not just Cologne; Germany itself is in the grip of an imported crime wave. According to the country’s annual crime report published by the Federal Crime Bureau (BKA) earlier this year, there is a whopping 50 percent rise in the crimes committed by the migrants compared to the figure of the previous year. The crime figures are staggering, but there are serious reasons to believe that migrant crimes are under-reported in Germany in order to deflect criticism from Merkel’s Migrant Policy.