Islamist Terror Threat on the Rise in Germany

“The threat has overstretched of the capacities of the German judiciary.”

With Chancellor Merkel sticking to her open doors policy towards migrants from Arab and Muslim countries, and the radicalization of the country’s growing Muslim population, Germany is witnessing an unprecedented rise of Jihadi terrorism on its soil. There has been a staggering eleven-fold increase in terrorism-related cases since 2013. German prosecutors have opened more than 900 terrorism-related cases, compared to just 250 last year.

There are 24,400 Islamists in Germany, according to the country’s domestic intelligence agency’s annual report for 2016. Around a thousand Muslim radicals have left Germany to join the ranks of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. With President Trump’s strategy of finishing off the Islamic State beginning to bear fruit, many of these battle-hardened Islamic terrorists will now be coming home to Merkel.

“The Islamist terror threat has overstretched of the capacities of German judiciary,” wrote the leading German newspaper Die Welt. German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reports:

German federal prosecutors have opened up more than 900 terrorism-related cases so far this year, including 800 related to radical Islamists, according to a report published in the German language newspaper Welt am Sonntag on Sunday.

The number of terrorism cases has jumped nearly four-fold compared to last year, when federal prosecutors opened about 250 proceedings. In 2013, there were about 80 terrorism cases in the courts.

The sharp rise has stretched manpower at the Karlsruhe-based federal prosecutors office, the newspaper reported. Nearly 300 terrorism cases have been transferred from federal authorities to state prosecutors.

Out of 5,000 Europeans who joined the ranks of Islamic State, as many as 1,500 have returned to Europe. The lack of prosecutable evidence and witnesses means that the majority of these Islamist war criminals will never stand before a court, let alone face justice. Many of them will be back on the dole and pursue their Jihadi careers at the cost of German and European taxpayers.

Earlier this week thousands of Germans signed a petition sponsored by the country’s tabloid BILD urging Merkel to finally start deporting criminal and illegal immigrants from the country. This is indeed a strange state of affairs, that citizens have to beg and plead with their elected leaders to fulfill their constitutional obligations and apply the country’s law.

Merkel on her part has shown no sign of budging from her disastrous “Refugee Welcome” stance. She has ruled out putting any limit to the number of migrants that can come to Germany. “As far as an upper limit [for migrants] is concerned,” Merkel said recently. “My position is clear: I will not accept it.”

At this stage it’s worth asking: if Germany’s Merkel had set out to destroy her country, what would she be doing differently?