ISIS Tells Jihadists to Kidnap Children of Western Non-Muslims

Yet the media focuses on Donald Trump's tweets.

In a horrific video, the Islamic State instructed followers to kidnap children of non-believers, using photos of church choir boys as examples. PJ Media has the story:

Jihadists residing in non-Muslim lands, according to the article, should "not hesitate to take the wealth of the harbi kuffar [non-Muslim disbelievers], either by force or through theft and fraud, and ponder the statement of [medieval Sunni theologian] Imam Ibn Taymiyyah concerning the Muslims who enters dar al-harb [land of disbelievers]: 'Likewise, if he kidnaps them or their children, or subdues them in any way, then the lives and wealth of the harbi kuffar are permissible for the Muslims. So if they seize them in a shar’i manner they own them.'”

"Do not forget that their war on the Islamic State is dependant [sic] on wealth, so purify your intentions, place your trust in Allah, and do not seek anyone’s advice with regards to taking their wealth," continues the directive in the latest issue of ISIS' Rumiyah magazine. "Proceed forward with Allah’s blessing, for indeed stealing the kuffar’s wealth weakens them, threatens the security of their economies, strengthens and emboldens the believers, and prepares them for something greater than theft, and this is among the aspects of jihad that have been abandoned in this era except by a group of those who are truthful, and how few they are."

And it gets worse. Along with the article, they used a photo of young boys between the ages of nine and thirteen years old as well as some college undergraduates, taken from the King's College Choir in Cambridge, UK. The caption that accompanies this photo is written in all caps: "IT IS PERMISSIBLE TO KIDNAP THE CHILDREN OF THE HARBI KUFFAR."

This isn't the first time ISIS has encouraged jihadists to steal from disbelievers. "May Allah, the Most Generous, make the kuffar’s wealth, weapons, women, and children ghanimah [booty] for those who strive for His cause."   

It's not surprising that ISIS views women and children as property that should be stolen, but it is supremely disturbing.

In related news, a video supposedly showing Iraqi soldiers throwing an ISIS soldier off a cliff has also emerged

The Iraqi government is investigating a video that appears to show men in army uniforms throwing a pleading ISIS fighter off a cliff before shooting him. In the video, the panicking man is taunted and beaten by several rifle-wielding troops before being slowly forced up to a precipice and hurled onto the motionless body of another man below. The execution method is reminiscent of one employed by ISIS, which is notorious for killing people it decides are guilty of homosexuality by throwing them from high buildings.

These are treacherous times, indeed.

Image Credit: Screen Grab of ISIS video via PJ Media