Terrorist, 12, Tries Twice to Bomb German Christmas Market

Merry Christmas, infidels.

A 12-year-old boy has been arrested in Germany, accused of plotting to blow up a Christmas market with a nail bomb.

The UK Express reports that the boy, who has dual German-Iraqi citizenship, is the youngest ever to be seized in Europe for suspected terrorism.

The pre-teen, now nicknamed the Kindergarten Bomber, apparently was "strongly radicalized" in recent weeks by a member of ISIS. He, or someone else, had assembled a device made from gunpowder surrounded with nails and screws designed to inflict maximum casualties. He placed it in a thicket near the Christmas market in Ludwigshafen, home to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl. The boy had planned to detonate the bomb on November 26 but it failed to explode.

He tried again on December 5, placing the bomb in a thicket near city hall, but a passerby saw him and contacted police. The boy was arrested the same day and is now being held in juvenile detention.

The bomb was in a glass jam jar with nails and screws glued to the sides. Investigators determined that the explosive material had been created out of the ingredients of fireworks and sparklers and was flammable but not explosive.

As the Express notes, "The attempted slaughter illustrates the spiking terror threat in Germany. Returnees from the ranks of Isis in the Middle East have told intelligence services that it is the group's main target in Europe."

A 12-year-old boy setting a bomb designed to maim and massacre in a market teeming with Christmas shoppers. Isn't multiculturalism broadening?