WaPo Scare Claim: Climate Change Breeding Polar Bears With Taste for Human Flesh

Based on "skewed data." Yes, VERY skewed.

The Washington Post simply couldn't refrain from pushing the latest global warming scare-claim: namely that polar bears, impacted by climate change, will develop a taste for human flesh. And they'll be on the prowl. Daily Caller summarizes the absurdity: 

“Polar bears hurt by climate change are more likely to turn to a new food source — humans” is the rather chilling headline WaPo went with in its article, published Thursday. The Post reported that with higher temperatures, “the more likely polar bears are to interact with humans — and possibly attack and eat them.”

WaPo relied on a recently-published study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin that looked at recorded polar bear attacks going back to 1870. The authors found “no trend” in the number of attacks by decade through 2014, which you’d think would count against the claim that bear attacks increase with less ice, but you thought wrong.

Instead, the study’s authors argue the “frequency” of attacks, which they say may be increasing. The report also found that “nutritionally stressed adult male polar bears were the most likely to pose threats to human safety.”

The study claims “the greatest number of polar bear attacks occurred in the partial decade of 2010 — 2014, which was characterized by historically low summer sea ice extent and long ice-free periods.”

Polar bears rely on Arctic sea ice to hunt seals, so projections of shrinking sea ice coverage mean more bears could be forced inland. If that happens, there’s an increased chance starving polar bears will meet up with humans.

[...] “But a bear’s still got to eat,” Geoff York, a study co-author who works for the activist group Polar Bears International, told WaPo. “They’re more likely to try new things, and sometimes, that might be us.”

Zoologist Susan Crockford claims on her blog that the "data used in the paper are seriously skewed and in my opinion this totally invalidates the authors' conclusions." So, there's that, at least.

"Skewed data" should be the global warming alarmists' middle name.