ISIS: ‘Let the Blood of Christians Flow, Kill Them Whenever You Find Them’

Never forget they said this.

As TruthRevolt's Tiffany Gabbay reported on Friday, a deadly Islamic terror attack was carried out against Coptic Christians in Egypt. Ten militants dressed in fatigues and black masks ambushed a bus full of worshippers on its way to a monastery and sprayed it with bullets. At least 26 were killed, including an 8-year-old girl, and dozens more were injured, some critical. The attack occurred at the beginning of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but of the 90 million people living in Muslim-majority Egypt, and only 10% of them Coptic Christians, that narrows the field of suspects quite a bit. There was an attack back in December when a 26-pound bomb exploded inside a church and killed 25 people and wounded almost 50. That attack coincided with celebrations of the birth of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad. Last month, an Islamic suicide bomber detonated his vest outside of a Coptic cathedral in Alexandria killing 18 just hours after another bomb went off inside of a Christian church in Tanta which killed 27. 

ISIS claimed responsibility for those attacks and celebrated in online chat forums:

One user who goes by the name of “The Egyptian Abu Abdullah Almassri” was jubilant. He wrote: “Allah, Allah, our beloved brothers in Egypt, the country we left reluctantly but to which we will return as liberators. You, the mujahedeen of Welayat Sinai, should carry out more suicide attacks. Our brothers who have infiltrated the security forces, strike hard. We, your Egyptian brethren, stand right behind you. Unravel this criminal regime. Allah, bless the Islamic State and its soldiers.”

They want to fill the streets with the blood of Christians:

“Allah bless those who undermined Egypt’s security,” user Abu Ruqaya Alhalabi wrote. “Our beloved brothers in the security forces be tough on the infidels. Let the blood of the Christians who have fought against Allah’s religion flow. Kill them whenever you find them.”

And even though the truth is plain to see, CNN still manages to remain confused on who is behind today’s attack and what possible motive they might have:



ISIS, Islamic terrorists, Muslim militants — whatever you want to call them — have cried out, “Let the blood of Christians flow. Kill them whenever you find them.” Any questions?

But hey, this is just more of that “part and parcel” stuff of living in the world. Get used to it.


Photo credit: Diego Carannante via / CC BY