Iran Bans Word 'Wine,' Names of 'Foreign Animals' to Combat Western 'Onslaught'

And this is exactly what the Left wishes to do here in the West.

University students in the West, with their trigger warnings and obsession with "safe places," must have taken a page from Iran's "books." 

Iran’s culture ministry is out with a new list of words and content to ban from books and other published material entering the Islamic Republic. 

Words like "wine" and the names of "foreign animals" (whatever that means), are to be purged from all books published in Iran. 

The rules are intended to protect sensitive Iranians from bearing witness to what the regime has characterized the "cultural onslaught" wrought by the West. The Telegraph reports

Mohammad Selgi, the head of book publishing at the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, said: “When new books are registered with us, our staff first have to read them page by page to make sure whether they require any editorial changes in line with promoting the principles of the Islamic revolution, effectively confronting the Western cultural onslaught and censoring any insult against the prophets.” 

Mr Selgi added: “Words like wine and the names of foreign animals and pets, as well as names of certain foreign presidents are also banned under the new restricting regulations.” 

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, has urged the culture ministry to “focus on producing appealing books and films, designing video games, and developing attractive and meaningful toys” to counter a “Western cultural invasion of Iran that seeks to destroy Islamic identity”. 

Mr Selgi told Shiraze, an Iranian monthly, that the “ideological viewpoint” of “clerics” must be “taken into account when we issue a permit for a book to be published”. 

It is incredible but the progressive Left -- the people who claimed to be the greatest champions of free speech -- actually want to implement their own similar brand of language restrictions here and now in the West.