Actual Scientist Tells Bill Nye Paris Climate Agreement is 'Appeasement'

"I don’t think it makes any scientific sense."

During a recent discussion about global warming and the Paris Climate Agreement, a real scientist explained to fellow panelists including children's TV show host Bill Nye that the Paris Agreement makes no "scientific sense" and constitutes appeasement in the same way as Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Nazi Germany in the 1938 Munich Agreement.

On the April 22 edition of CNN's New Day Weekend, host Victor Blackwell asked panelists, “The president during the campaign said he would quote/unquote cancel that [Paris Climate Agreement] -- has not done it yet. How would you advise the president, if you had his ear, on how to move forward on the Paris Climate Agreement?”

William Happer (pictured above) is an atomic physicist and the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics (emeritus) at Princeton University as well as the former director of the Department of Energy's Office of Science (1991-93) and a member of the JASON advisory group, an organization of elite scientists who advise the U.S. government on matters of science and technology. He also is an open critic of the cult of climate change.

Happer responded, "Well, you have to consider many things but on the face of it, it should be cancelled. I can imagine you might want to consider ties with allies, and things like that, that might perhaps make that unadvisable. But I don’t think it makes any scientific sense."

"It’s just a silly thing, I think," continued Prof. Happer. "To me, it’s very similar to the Munich Agreement that Mr. Chamberlain signed.”

Panel member Bill Nye is a former actor and children's television host who hosts a political indoctrination TV program called Bill Nye Saves the World, described on as a "comedy." He inexplicably and embarrassingly has become the media face of the scientific community as "Bill Nye the Science Guy," and thus he manages to end up on panels with heavy-hitters like Happer who have actual scientific accomplishments.

Nye, who believes climate change critics should be jailed, found Happer's conclusion to be a bridge too far. “Wow. Okay. Everybody here, bear in mind, this may backfire," Nye warned. "If you pull out of an international agreement, other countries may establish what are effectively tariffs on U.S.-produced goods and especially services.”

Blackwell leaped in for clarification. “So, Mr. Happer, I just want to make sure – you are comparing the Paris Climate Agreement to the appeasement policy?”

“It’s definitely appeasement," said Happer. "Let me add also, you know that –"

“How so?" Blackwell interjected. "I don’t want to jump beyond that. How is this comparable to Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler? How is that an appropriate comparison?”

Prof. Happer: “It is an appropriate comparison because it was a treaty that was not going to do any good. This treaty [Paris Agreement] also will not do any good. Anyone looking at the results of doing what the treaty says, can see that the effect on the Earth’s climate is – even if you take the alarmists’ computer models – trivial."

"It will not make any difference, and yet it will cause enormous harm to many people," he added.

In contrast with Happer's credentials: the night before this panel discussion took place, Nye hosted perhaps the all-time most embarrassing, science-denying segment of television ever aired: a grotesquely explicit hiphop video espousing pansexualism.