Illegal Alien Kills Infant in DUI Crash

No more “dreams” for that poor child.

An infant severely injured in a crash caused by a drunk illegal alien driver earlier this month has died from his injuries, according to Fox 8 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Jose Duran Romero, 27, was driving a Honda Accord just after one in the morning with a blood-alcohol content over twice the legal limit and crashed into the side of an ambulance carrying the baby, his mother, and two paramedics, the latter of which survived. The ambulance was flipped on its side and Romero’s car ran off the road. Romero was also driving without a license. 

According to authorities, Romero has never had a driver’s license and is in the U.S. illegally from El Salvador. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has issued a detainer against Romero and he will be remanded to their custody once he is out of the local jail. His bond was set at $50,000 and he was charged with DWI, driving without a license, and failing to slow to avoid a crash.

There was a passenger in the car with Romero, 33-year-old Andres Leon. His legal status wasn’t reported but he has also been charged with a crime: failing to render aid to the victims and for withholding information from officers. His bail was set at $1,000.

From Fox 8’s report:

Court documents give more details about what happened after the crash. A witness described what Romero looked like to police after the crash. He had “bloodshot, glassy eyes,” “slurred speech” and looked “grossly impaired.”

Romero blew a 0.19 on a breathalyzer nearly two hours after the crash; that’s more than twice the legal limit.

This crash occurred a week after a two-time deportee illegal alien from Guatemala killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and his driver in an interstate crash. Similarly, this illegal alien’s blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he was also driving without a license. He, too, awaits deportation.

Seems like there's a pattern here: come to the U.S. illegally, drive without a license illegally, and murder someone while driving under the influence... illegally. But that's what "dreamers" do best, take away the dreams of legal citizens.