Illegal Alien Deported 20 Times Rapes Elderly Woman in Sanctuary City

Can this be the last piece of evidence as to why sanctuary is a bad idea?

A 31-year-old illegal alien with a long criminal history was allowed to carry out a brutal assault on an elderly woman because of Portland, Oregon’s, status as a sanctuary city.

Police say Sergio Jose Martinez broke into a 65-year-old woman’s home in the early morning of July 24 by climbing through a bedroom window left open to help cool the home. He spoke “calmly and quietly,” a KGW report noted, as he tied up the woman’s hands and feet and blindfolded her after he ordered her on the ground. Martinez then raped the woman and threatened to kill her. He left after punching the victim in the head several times and slamming her head on the floor.

Martinez stole the woman’s car and drove to a parking garage where he attacked another woman. This time, he waited in a dark corner until he pounced on his next victim. Martinez robbed her at knife point and tried to kidnap her. The woman fought back and pushed the panic button on her remote. When she tried to run away, Martinez tackled her and slammed her head onto the ground. Some people nearby heard the woman’s screams and when they came to help, Martinez fled. He was arrested shortly after.

Here’s what we know about the suspect:

  • deported 20 times -- that's 20
  • five probation violations for re-entering the U.S., most recently in November 2016
  • felony conviction for burglary
  • three misdemeanors for battery, theft, and obstructing a police officer
  • history of meth use and currently using every day

Martinez can now add first-degree kidnapping, two counts of first degree robbery, second-degree assault, first-degree sex abuse, first-degree sodomy, and first-degree burglary.

According to KGW, Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed an immigration detainer against Martinez last December and asked local authorities to notify the agency before releasing him from jail. However, no such notification was sent when authorities let him go and allowed him to wander unabated around the proud sanctuary city of Portland. As Multnomah County leaders and Sheriff Mike Reese said in a letter released this year, “The Sheriff’s Office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions.”

Perhaps they’ll reconsider, since that allows criminal aliens to have their way with innocent citizens.

H/T Legal Insurrection