Joy Reid: Trump Personifies the ‘Rage, Vulgarity of Right-Wing Radio’ Listeners

More leftist hatred of conservatives aired by the national media.

Joy Reid, host of AM Joy on MSNBC, slammed listeners of Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio hosts, saying President Trump essentially personifies the “rage” and “vulgarity” that has been stirred over the last 20 years on “right-wing radio.”

Reid told NBC’s Chuck Todd:
“It is really, to me, about the gap between the text and the subtext. If Donald Trump committed a crime among Republican elites, is that he made the long-term subtext of Republicanism into text. 

“Meaning, if you've been listening to right-wing talk radio over the last 20-something years, the same anger and rage and anger at the changes in the country, the same ethic, the same sort of, you know, sometime vulgarity, existed.”

Reid continued, saying Trump “simply identif[ied] with the text of what people were saying on talk radio or listening to when they heard Rush Limbaugh.” That is, “the anger and rage that they felt all the time.”

Also, anger about having to be suppressed by a politically correct culture: “Meaning, ‘I can’t say these things because I can’t keep my job and be in polite society,’” Reid added. “Trump said, ‘Yes, you can or I can say them for you.’”

It wasn’t something Trump invented, Reid furthered, but pulled from conservatives across the country -- “the subtext and anger that was already there” -- and “making it open and obvious.”

Newsbusters has the clip of Reid’s rant: