Biden vs Trump 2020

SNL gag could become a reality

We all know that Democrats loved Saturday Night Live's version of events during the 2016 election campaign when then-candidate Donald Trump was nothing but the butt of jokes, and many continue to look to the comedy show for political guidance. So it's curious that just as SNL was surprisingly mocking the idea of Joe Biden being the fresh new face of the resurgent Democrats, a column comes along actually pushing the idea.

Writing for Bloomberg, Albert R. Hunt says that a Biden run might be dismissed by some but it shouldn't be. He then compares Biden to Ronald Reagan:

To see why they're not crazy, start with this fact of political life: When an incumbent runs for re-election, the contest is a referendum on him. A challenger, to be successful, must offer an appealing alternative that better addresses whatever's bothering people. Jimmy Carter, the outsider, beat President Gerald Ford in 1976 in the shadow of the Watergate scandals. Ronald Reagan defeated Carter four years later by showing resolve that resonated during the Iranian hostage crisis. Bill Clinton's domestic focus had broad appeal in 1992, the first presidential contest after the end of the Cold War, against the veteran cold warrior President George H.W. Bush.  

It's odd to see people putting forward the name of a 74-year-old career politician to lead the Democrats just days after they claim to have swept the nation in state and special elections. Biden is actually three years older than Donald Trump and would be 78 years old if he took office - by far the oldest president at time of election.

And yet Hunt declares that Biden is the best person to lead the Dems, a party that claims to value youth and diversity above all else:

But consider the political merits. What's a better antidote to the poison of Trumpism than the buoyant maturity of Joe Biden?  

"Buoyant maturity"? Is he talking about the same Biden that the right calls Crazy Uncle Joe?

Yet despite all of the clamor on the left about Trump being unfit for office, a divisive president, and the reason the left can look forward to a surefire electoral win in 2020, there are no clear Dem candidates lining up. Which might be why SNL mocked the party with a skit this past weekend showcasing Biden, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer as the "fresh faces" of the Democrats.