Hollywood Harassment Roundup: November 15

Corey Haim names abuser, plus new accusations and updates.

Corey Feldman Names Another Abuser

Former child star Corey Feldman has been trying to blow the whistle on Hollywood pedophilia for years, and people are finally listening. This week, Feldman appeared on the Dr. Oz show to reveal the name of another man he claims sexually abused him as a child -- Alphy Hoffman. Hoffman was the son of casting director Bobby Hoffman and ran Alphy's Soda Pop Club, a popular hangout for Hollywood teenagers not old enough to drink. He said that other child molesters attended these parties as well. 

You know, the first few times I went it was fairly innocent,” Feldman recounted. “Those parties were relatively kid friendly but interestingly that’s where I met the guy that ended up molesting Haim. There was a bunch of these guys, they were all hanging out together at these parties, and the thing is there weren’t a lot of parents at these parties.

In all, Feldman says that there are six men that he suspects of pedophilia, and one is an A-lister that he fears would kill him if exposed. 

Mark Schwahn

TV writer Audrey Wauchope accused showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment at the time she worked for him on One Tree Hill. After she came forward, 18 women who also worked on the show (including actresses Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton) signed a letter supporting Wauchope and speaking out against Schwahn. The letter read, in part:

Many of us were, to varying degrees, manipulated psychologically and emotionally. More than one of us is still in treatment for post-traumatic stress. Many of us were put in uncomfortable positions and had to swiftly learn to fight back, sometimes physically, because it was made clear to us that the supervisors in the room were not the protectors they were supposed to be. Many of us were spoken to in ways that ran the spectrum from deeply upsetting, to traumatizing, to downright illegal. And a few of us were put in positions where we felt physically unsafe. 

One Tree Hill aired from 2003-2012. Schwahn was the creator and worked as showrunner for all eight seasons. He now works on The Royals, where the companies behind the series said they "are monitoring the information carefully." 

Adam Venit

Longtime head of WME's motion picture group, Adam Venit, is on leave after actor Terry Crews (you might know him as Terry Jeffords on Brooklyn 99) accused him of sexual harassment. Crews alleges that at a Hollywood function last year, Venit "groped (his) privates." 

Tom Sizemore

A whole bunch of cast and crew from a 2003 have told The Hollywood Reporter that actor Tom Sizemore was removed from a movie set after an 11 year-old actress told her mother that he touched her genitals. Now an adult, she says that she is looking into taking legal action. According to production manager Cassidy Lunnen, no action was taken at the time because ""the girl was so young it was unclear to her and [later] her parents what had actually taken place and if it was intentional or not."

Ed Westwick 

Westwick was first accused of rape by Kristina Cohen just one week ago, and now there are three accusations. Just days after Ms Cohen's accusation, Aurelie Wynn posted on Facebook that she had a similar experience. Westwick responded, saying "It is disheartening and sad to me that as a result of two unverified and provably untrue social media claims, there are some in this environment who could ever conclude that I have had anything to do with such vile and horrific conduct. I have absolutely not, and I am cooperating with the authorities so that they can clear my name as soon as possible.” Now, a third woman has come forward, Creative Producer Rachel Eck. She says that Westwick "pulled me onto the bed and aggressively groped me." 

The BBC has suspended Westwick's upcoming project, an adaptation of Agatha Christie's Ordeal by Innocence for the time being The show was set to air around Christmas, but has now been pulled from the schedule "until these matters are resolved." 

Brett Ratner

On the Today Show this morning, Gal Gadot was asked about reports that she refused to come back for a Wonder Woman sequel if it involved Brett Ratner in any way. She replied:

So, at the end of the day, a lot has been written about my views and the way I feel, and everyone knows the way I feel because I'm not hiding anything. But the truth is, you know, there's so many people involved in making this movie. It's not just me, and they all echoed - echoed?- echoed the same sentiments, you know what I mean? Everyone knew what the right thing was to do, but there was nothing for me to actually come and say 'cause it was already done."

George Takei 

George Takei says that, given the current times, he regrets joking that he grabbed "skittish" men by the penis in order to "persuade" them to have sex with him. He says that the comments were a joke that was taken "out of context."