Hillary: We Must 'Topple' The 1%

Eat the rich.

As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to push forward with her highly-choreographed campaign, facing down the prospect of a candidate running from her left, her aides have begun leaking her newfound populism. The New York Times reports today on Clinton’s profile of Elizabeth Warren in Time magazine; she talked in New Hampshire of “the deck” being “stacked” in favor of the rich.

Then the kicker: according to aides, while meeting with economists this year, Hillary Clinton pointed to a chart showing the increasing income of those earning in the top 1 percent, and said that the economy should move toward “toppling” them.

This is the language of pure Marxism; it’s also the typical language of the Democratic Party. After all, then-Senator Barack Obama said that he would be in favor of raising capital gains taxes, even if it hurt the economy, for purposes of “fairness.” Hillary Clinton is built in the same mold: in 2012, as Jim Geraghty from National Review recalls, Hillary stated, "There are rich people everywhere, and yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries.”