High End Women's Spa Forced to Make a 'No Male Genitalia' Rule, Angering Liberals

When standing up for women makes you angry, maybe you're on the wrong side of things.

Spas are supposed to be places where people go to relax, to soothe themselves in hot baths or to enliven themselves with Arctic showers. Most of the time, clothing is optional since the areas are divided by gender. Wait, did I say "gender?" That was a word we used way back in 2016 to reflect what "sex parts" a person has. However, in 2017, that word is now outlawed. Transgender activists say that gender is a mere construct, a figment of the cultural imagination used to constrain one's inner self.

But reality got a vote on the topic at a Canadian spa. Regardless of what political activists say, women usually don't want to sit back in a hot tub with a naked male stranger. The National Post has the details:

Controversy over a female-only spa’s “no male genitals” policy has reignited debate over the rights of transgender people to access traditionally gender-exclusive spaces, even as the federal government pushes stronger protections prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

The uproar over Toronto’s Body Blitz Spa prompted a flurry of complaints on social media, with longtime regular Shelley Marshall among those vowing to boycott the luxurious retreat.

Body Blitz has not commented on the issue, except to say it supports the LGBTQ community. “However, because Body Blitz Spa is a single-sex facility with full nudity, we are not like other facilities. We recognize that this is an important discussion for single-sex facilities to have and we will seek to find a satisfactory resolution." Of course, most female customers are thrilled with this statement. “Thank you for standing up for women. Private spaces for naked female bodies. Identity irrelevant,” said Rachel Ralison.  

However, liberal activists are upset. One gender studies professor said, “There are many ways of being trans and there are many ways of being a woman and certainly surgery or hormones, per se, do not make a woman…. I think it’s gender identity that matters and what is between our legs is our own business.”

Yes, until you walk around naked showing everyone what actually is between your legs.

Image Credit: Pixabay

h/t National Post