Ha! Van Jones Says Hillary ‘One of the Most Honest Politicians in America’


Somebody get CNN commentator Van Jones an internet connection because he has missed a few years of news coverage!

That must be the case because on Tuesday evening, Jones told CNN host Don Lemon that Hillary Clinton is “one of the most honest politicians in America.” The former Obama administration green jobs czar said Donald Trump, in contrast, is often perceived as honest because of his use of hyperbole and sarcasm.

“Trump has mastered the idea of being authentically inauthentic,” Jones said. “Right? Everybody knows he’s kind of engaging in hyperbole and sarcasm and whatever. And so they have, for some reason, decided to just discount him and let him just say whatever he wants to say and call him honest.”

“Meanwhile,” Jones continued, “it turns out that Hillary Clinton, when you look at the fact checkers, she’s one of the most honest politicians in America according to the fact checker.”

This incredibly naive statement caused the other panelists to grin uncomfortably. 

Here’s what America thinks about the two candidates’ honesty:

Trump and Clinton are nearly tied in the national polls, with Trump currently taking a small lead.

However, the jury is still out on Jones’s ability to decipher reality.

H/T Free Beacon

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