#GOPDebate: Trump, Bush Spar Over Iraq War

"You know what, as it relates to my brother, he kept us safe."

Republican presidential candidates sparred on the Iraq War Wednesday during CNN’s record-setting debate. Most notably was the back and forth between front-runner "outsider" candidate Donald Trump and "establishment" Republican Jeb Bush.  

Saying that he was against the 2003 Iraq war from the start, Trump said to Bush, "Your brother and your brother's administration gave us Barack Obama because it was such a disaster in the last three months."

"You know what, as it relates to my brother, he kept us safe," said Bush sternly, a line met with one of the more enthusiastic ovations of the entire event.   

"I don't know, you feel safe?" responded Trump. "I don't feel so safe right now."

Paul also took a shot at the former Florida governor when he contrasted himself with the other candidates on foreign policy.

"There will always be a Bush or Clinton for you if you want to go back to war in Iraq," said Paul, who said voters had "14 other choices" if they want to send "our sons and our daughters back to Iraq."

Earlier Marco Rubio stressed the importance of having a president with foreign policy experience in these "extraordinarily dangerous times." Clearly singling out Trump, who's made some foreign policy gaffes as of late, Rubio said the threats posed by countries like North Korea, Russia, and China require a leader who "understands these issues" and has "good judgment about them."

In a notable moment, Trump, who toned down his rhetoric significantly for most of the debate, admitted that he had much to learn about foreign policy, but assured the public that he would remedy that in due time. 

Video: CNN