Germany Arrests Six Refugees In Terror Bust

Christmas Market attack suspected.

German police have arrest six men, all said to be Syrian nationals, suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on a Christmas market. Reuters reports that the attack would have been carried out using weapons or explosives and on behalf of ISIS:

Police detained the suspects aged between 20 and 28 during raids in the cities of Kassel, Hanover, Essen and Leipzig, the general prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said in a statement. Some 500 police officers took part in the raids during which eight apartments were searched.

Four of the suspects arrived in Germany in December 2014 and two arrived the following year. All six had applied for asylum. The prosecutor’s office did not say if their asylum applications had been approved.

It was days before last Christmas that a failed Tunisian asylum seeker killed 12 people after driving a truck through a crowded Christmas Market in Berlin. Extra security measures, including walls, have been installed at some markets this year.

According to Reuters this latest arrest comes on the heels of another terror bust with a Syrian national:

It is the second time this month that Syrians have been arrested on suspicion of planning militant violence. Earlier this month a 19-year-old Syrian man was detained on suspicion of planning a bomb attack.  

Reports indicate that as many as 500 police officers were part of the various raids over four cities that made the arrests on Tuesday.