White Honor Student, 12, Beat Up at School, Targeted with Racist Graffiti at Home

“Snitch'n ass — die, cracker.”

A 12-year-old white honor student at the Mastery Charter Thomas Campus in Philadelphia has been singled out by black students and is now scared to go to school.

According to a CBS 3 report, a police report was filed three weeks ago citing an incident at school in which Joey Messina was beaten by six black males in a hallway attack. Joey said the boys came after him and punched his back as he lay on the ground covering his face. 

“They don’t like me, they never did,” Joey said in the report.

To the family’s surprise, they recently came home to find racist graffiti painted on the outside of their home that read, “Snitch’n ass — die cracker.”

Joey’s dad, Joe Messina was called outside by his wife to see the threat and Joey was right behind him.

“He walked outside and saw that, he came right in, said, ‘Dad, I am scared now,’” Mr. Messina said.

A police investigation has begun and the city washed off the graffiti.

The Messinas blame the school and have accused them of “looking the other way:”

“They let them run that school. It’s a shame to say, they really do. They don’t care about the gangs in there, they deny that when there really is.”

The charter school contacted CBS 3 and defended its actions, saying they handled it properly and the authorities were contacted.

Police Capt. Sekou Kinebrew stated the obvious, “In this specific case, the nature of what was said does lead us to believe there is a racial component because of a specific word that was used.”

You don’t say?

Mr. Messina is very upset that his son has endured this hate crime and would like to go up to the school and “confront the main people.” However, he is not allowed, as the school has banned him from campus “because of a pattern of behavior.”

It seems there’s a pattern of behavior within the school, as well, that they aren’t dealing with. If the races were reversed in this, and if that graffiti included a different word, then it would be top priority and the media would stop its wall-to-wall coverage of the school shooting to cover this.

But another reason this story won’t get national attention is that Joey’s father is wearing a MAGA hat in the news report. And even if they did, they would just say the kid deserved the beating and death threat for the politics of his father.