Gary Sinise Interrupts Grammys to Thank Armed Forces Abroad

It's not often you see real class at the Grammys.

Actor Gary Sinise stands apart from the Hollywood liberals we so often skewer here at TruthRevolt. His seemingly tireless service to our men and women serving abroad (check out his Foundation here) is a testament to his exceptional character.

At the Grammys show Monday night, Sinise - himself an outstanding bass player in his own Lt. Dan Band - came onstage to present an award. Introduced as the star of the new series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, he and his co-presenter, Grammy nominee Cam, approached the microphone. Sinise wasted no time reminding everyone present who the really important people are:

"Good evening. I'd like to take a brief second to send a special thank you and shout-out to the men and women serving our country around the world who are in harm's way."

This drew some scattered applause from the audience before Sinise thanked everyone and moved on with the presentation of an award. Perhaps the response would have been more enthusiastic if Beyonce had come onstage and given a shout-out to the Black Panthers.

In any case, Sinise's gesture was classy and thoughtful, and his message went out to many millions of viewers who might not otherwise hear a celebrity salute our military servicemen and -women.