This Week in Progressive Lunacy: Millennials Can Relate to ISIS

No, seriously. They actually said this.

Just when you thought you've heard it all, another video commentary by liberal media comes along and proves you haven't.

Such is the case with the progressive outlet Mic, whose latest claim is that millennials and ISIS aren't really all that different:

According to sources in Syria, ISIS is so broke they can no longer afford energy drinks or Snickers bars for their fighters. They can't pay their bills, they're struggling with taxes… From a financial perspective, ISIS is relatable.

And with that, we give you This Week in Progressive Lunacy!

Here's how contributor Nicole Pasquale explained the similarities further in their attempt at a light-hearted video:

When you set aside all the global terrorism and kidnapping and flogging… as millennials, we're really not that different from ISIS. We started out convinced we'd take over the world and then reality set in: We struggle with rent, the groceries and utilities. We consider selling stuff to make extra cash. Taxes keep getting in the way. And despite all this, we still boast about our lives on social media. But at least we still have our Snickers! 

So, congratulations, Mic, on finding common ground with a murderous terror organization. But you don't have to take our word for it; here's what your own readers had to say on Facebook (all appear as written):

Making a joke about snickers with the group that decapitates children, burns people in cages, rapes women (usually a big no no that mic comments on all the time) this video was in very bad taste.

It just gets sadder and sadder every day what happen to America why do we trying to associate ourselves with these people, if this is the View the future looks very very dark.

Mic needs to fire some staff member's! I wasted seconds of my life on this.

Wtf is wrong with you comparing us to isis

If ANYONE else made this video. Mic would be the first making the "why comparing ISIS to 'millennials' is NOT okay" article.

What flippant, amateur, sensationalist presentation. Shamefully poor. "Hide all from Mic." Unlike.

The Regressive Left once again sympathizes with homicidal maniacs.

See for yourself:


ISIS has a serious money problem.

ISIS just suffered another crippling blow — and it came from within. #MicCheckDaily

Posted by Mic on Thursday, February 18, 2016